The Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) is the official map on which FEMA has delineated the special hazard areas for a community. Until around 1990, all offical products were paper maps paneled by county and community.  

FEMA’s Flood Hazard Mapping Program has created a new flood hazard information product – the Digital Flood insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) – which is a digital version of the FEMA flood insurance rate map that is intended for use with digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. The standard DFIRM Database is county-wide and is designed to provide the user with the ability to determine the flood zone, base flood elevation and the floodway status for a particular location. DFIRMs also use digital orthophotos (aerial photographs with the accuracy characteristics of a map) as the base map.For conveince, maps are still available in the traditional panel format with NFIP community information, map panel information, cross section and hydraulic structure information, and base map information like road, stream, and public land survey data.  

Not all FEMA maps have been converted to digial format. DIRMs have been completed for all of Oregon west of the Cascades, and some areas of Eastern Oregon.  

Oregon State University Oregon Explorer and DLCD have partnered to provided most of Oregon’s FIRMs and DFIRMs panels for download in pdf (or occationally tif) format. As this map illustrates, much of eastern Oregon has not been converted to DFIRMs and the maps are available in their original format.


-To download a Flood Insurance Rate Map, go to the Oregon Hazards Explorer


-Click here for FEMA's "How To Read a FIRM"...




Contact for Oregon Risk MAP

The Department of Land Conservation and Development is the lead on the Oregon Risk MAP project. To reach the program coordinator contact:

Dave Lentzner
635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150
Salem, OR 97301-2540

Phone: 503-934-0010