Mapping and Science: The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industry's (DOGAMI) major function is to serve as the centeralized source of geologic information in Oregon for the public and all levels of governent. DOGAMI identifies and quantifies natural hazards and also works to reduce the risk of earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and coastal hazards through a comprehensive and broad-reaching mitigation strategy. Among the many objectives: 1) Identify existing landslides with LiDAR imagery and map areas susceptible to future landslides; 2) Effect easthquake risk reductions through hazard mapping and vulnerablitiy assessments; 3) Complete and update maps of shoreline variablity, coastal erosion and tsunami hazards; 4) Coordinate data collections and distribution following natural disasters; and 5) Advocate for and implement the application of LiDAR in flood hazard mapping.

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Contact for Oregon Risk MAP

The Department of Land Conservation and Development is the lead on the Oregon Risk MAP project. To reach the program coordinator contact:

Dave Lentzner
635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150
Salem, OR 97301-2540

Phone: 503-934-0010